I Look Forward to Every Run I Do Now

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I participated in the Seattle workshop July 16/17 and I highlyrecommend
others to treat yourself to this! I read the book last March,while I
was training for the Vancouver marathon. I worked on applying
the techniques, especially during my long runs, and was amazed at how
after a 20 mile run, I still had energy and wasn’t wasted the rest of
the day! Plus I had very little soreness. I turned 50 this year so my
qualifuing time for Boston was 4:05. Didn’t know if I could do it, and
in those last two orthree miles I was running on fumes. This is where I
really applied
engaging my core, keeping my lower legs limp, and lifting my heels, so
my feet got a break (though I worked on focuses off and on through out
the race). At the end, I came in at 4:01:56 and the first thing I
noticed was my feet were not sore, even on the forefoot area! My
running buddies complained about how their feet hurt, but I was blown
away! And I am going to Boston! A month later, I placed 3rd in my age
group in a local 5K run – a never-done-before accomplishment.  I
attribute this to the ChiRunning techniques. Taking the workshop really
drove them home, gave me some new perspectives, and gave me the
feedback I needed to successfully progress along the path. Plus, I now
have a hankering to do more trail running! All the success is just a by
product of enjoying the process. I look forward to every run I do now!