Honolulu Marathon – PR with ChiRunning

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I just ran the Honolulu marathon yesterday and finally broke through to a good PR. My first year there I had hope to crack 6 hours but didn’t.  I was 6:20 plus. Last year I had intestinal issues and missed that 6 hour mark by 9 minutes. Yesterday I ran a new marathon best of 5:28:55. I actually surprised myself. My previous best was 5:53 in March of this year at the Hilo Marathon. So I figured I could bring the time down under 5:45 and get closer to that 5:30 goal. Oh my gosh. I am so happy. I also thought you would like to know that while at the marathon expo I took the free gait analysis from Nike and they told me I was landing pretty much mid foot and not supinating. I have been a sever supinator over the years. What a great improvement. They said they could make to further recommendations for improving. Really cool. I am in my 2nd pair of New Balance ChiRunning shoes. I guess they have helped along with the ChiRunning technique. Now I am aiming for 5 hours. I like being 61 and getting better.

Aloha, Morgen Bahurinsky