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Hi folks!

I am happy to report that my 20 minute run today went well. I can feel my body well and only felt a minor twinge in my right lower calf. It’s similar to how it felt after the 5K in Orlando, and I’m just trying to remember how it felt and what I was doing incorrectly to try to prevent anything big and bad from happening during the race tomorrow.

I really went out this morning with an easy pace and no expectations. I just wanted to listen to my body and feel clear about listening to what it was saying. The only thing I heard was: “Remember to really go slowly at the beginning, don’t get caught up in the big rush at the Start Line” and also “Relax the lower legs, don’t push off and don’t dorsiflex.”

I was surprised to recognize that I was dorsiflexing a little bit today, and I think it’s because my heel lift isn’t quite as high as it should be. I am going to try to brush my inside heel across my opposite calf muscle tomorrow if my legs start to scuff to keep that circular rotation going and to keep myself from dorsiflexing.

I am going to smile, stay positive, keep leaning, keep my core engaged, keep tall, keep quick turnover without efforting, and enjoy every moment, even the chilly standing around at the start line.

I hope to post a picture tomorrow after the race, so stay posted!


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