Highly Recommend ChiRunning

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Last August my knee started acting up. It wasn’t painful, but it was bothersome enough that I didn’t feel comfortable running on it. I took some time off and tried to nurse it back to health on my own, but every time I thought it was better, I would go for a trial run and the same annoying discomfort would come back.

Frustrated, I decided to see an orthopedic doctor, who suggested I get an MRI done. The MRI revealed that I had what is commonly known as runner’s knee or a build-up of cartilage that creates friction when you run making it pretty uncomfortable. The orthopedic doctor said I could either get laproscopic surgery (which was not always successful) or give physical therapy a try. I decided to go the physical therapy route, since that had really worked well for me a few years ago when I had back issues.

However, after a few weeks of sessions and no improvements, I decided not to continue.I then followed my trainer’s recommendation to see an ART (active release technique) specialist. This technique was extremely painful since my body was extremely locked up. I followed all of his recommendations, spending an hour or more every morning stretching and doing the assigned exercises.

After 12 weeks, all of my sessions ran out and I wasn’t willing to invest anymore money, so I decided the only way I was going to get better was on my own terms, which meant I was going to start running again.A few weeks later, I went to the San Jose Fit orientation and after 10 minutes of talking with one of the coaches, I was sold. I signed up that day and convinced a friend to join too. She was also coming off injuries, but new to running and through one of the coaches, we learned about this thing called ChiRunning.

Shortly thereafter, we signed up for private lessons and the rehabilitation began. I can honestly say that all of my body mechanics issues have gone away (and so have my friend’s). I feel loose in my joints and muscles and am much more flexible than I ever was before.

The ChiRunning techniques that I have learned have changed the way I run. I can now run a hill without getting winded and keep my heart rate around 90 bpm. Prior to learning the ChiRunning technique, I would top out over 200 bpm when running up hill.Learning the proper running techniques, have allowed me to go back to doing what I love. I would highly recommend ChiRunning to anyone who has running-related injuries or thinks they can’t run because of other mechanical issues.

-Tracy Pullman