Her secret marathon running weapon: ChiRunning

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Here we go again. I recently wrote about my AR50 run and said I was going to run Big Sur (for the first time). I had no clue about the course other than it could be windy and there were a few hills. I also knew it  was a beautiful course. So 3 weeks after having a good performance at AR50 I figured I could maybe do a 3:45 to 4 hour marathon.

I under estimated ChiRunning – I ran it in 3:27 and placed first in my age division and got 3rd in masters!!!!  I was amazed I could pull it off. I even had a man come over to me and ask how I pulled away from him in the last 6 miles beating him by 8 minutes. I told him I had a secret weapon and I shouldn’t share, but of course I did. He said he will be picking up a copy of ChiRunning as soon as he can!

Next week I will be running The Ave. of Giants. I feel great and can’t wait! I think I am your biggest fan thanks again for your book.


(ChiRunning Chick)!