Having the time of my life!

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I really enjoy reading all your posts. I am such a bad typer and speller that I feel inhibited to add to the banter. Yet I feel I have to share with you my first race since April. I was the biker and runner on an olympic distance tri. (25 mile bike, 10k run) Very hilly course. As I stood in the transition area thinking…what am I doing here?! a butterfly fluttered by my bike. I smiled as I realized “this is a SIGN Annie!”

Off I went; adjusting my body to become one with the bike and road. Micro adjustments to elongate my spine, lift my head, relax my shoulders. Cup my hands around my “hoods” loosely allowing the Chi to flow back to me. I was focused on my breathing-having my tummy expand to my thighs on inhalation (could be a scary sight). I felt light, my vision was so clear, I heard the rushing water in a stream off to the side. I could smell the juniper as I passed it! Never did I feel like I was working. I passed people going uphill.

One mile before I reached the transition area, I focused on soaking up as much Chi as I could, dropping my gears to spin and rest my legs. Getting off the bike, changing shoes, taking one moment to rebalance my body into running position I was off. I had so much fun running…it all clicked.
Someone came up behind me as said…”you are making this look too easy! You look like you could go on forever”. I felt like I could. I am so grateful for this gift of ChiRunning. I have no idea what my times were; nor do I care. What matters most to me is that I am now a 50 year old woman, tearing up the course, having the time of my life! Thank You!

Annie Valerioti