Having lots of fun running… the Biltmore 15K

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Hi everyone … How’s your running technique? I have a an event to report about:

Biltmore 15K last weekend, May 16th. The last race of it’s kind (it’s been going on for about 13 years) was held inside the grounds of the beautiful Biltmore Estate here in Asheville. I was on top of my game enough to register early, and had the good fortune of running a very humid, very fun, visually satisfying race last weekend.

I realized after the gun went off that it was the first race I’d ever driven to/signed up for by myself … It was sort of a strange feeling! But I didn’t feel alone; I got to connect with a bunch of fellow pain-free Chi Runners near the start and felt good, positive vibes the entire way.

That morning started off foggy, so by the time the clouds lifted, the air was thick with humidity and made for a very sweaty race. I loved it. Felt so great to be out there running with almost 1000 other people, enjoying the Asheville morning air, taking in the sights (horses, baby ducklings, birds galore, rolling hills, Blue Ridge mountain vistas, winery, stables, the Biltmore house, bass pond, rose garden…). Really it was a sight to behold.

It was a fairly hilly course, and I remembered to take it easy, and really use my upper arms to get me up the hill, relying on my legs as little as possible. It worked; I’d get to the top of the hill and feel about the same exertion level as I had at the bottom, while listening to plenty of other runners huffing and puffing along.

I didn’t go out for speed, but more just as a personal event. I didn’t “train” for the event, which I probably could have, but I wanted to use it as a carrot to help maintain my regular weekly running workouts (which have become less and less frequent!).

Did any of you fellow Chi Runners check out the race? It was so much fun.

I did a good mid-week follow up run around the Shut-In trail/Bent Creek on Wednesday and that was really fun (Thanks Ed and Frank!).  I suspect many of you who have read my running blog from the beginning get tired of hearing this, but I still have a hard time referring to myself/believing that “I am a runner”… WOW!

That fact was thoroughly validated when Ivan brought home a little gift for me on Saturday: a little pendant necklace with a stainless steel medallion of a “runner girl” … If that didn’t drive the point home, I don’t know what could have!

Looking forward to seeing you fellow Ashevillians running at the ChiLiving National Running Day event at our office on June 2nd. Click here to read more about it and remember to come and bring your friends!


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