great run today.

now that I have gone for my run and gotten home and am warm and clean and fed, i can say that i had a great run today. went around the ‘hood near the office, mostly on the roads, but decided to tag a little extra in the Urban Forest at the UNCA campus… that was a really great idea…

it was about 4.30 by the time out the door to go run, and it’s getting dark early these days, so I figured I had an hour max to get home. that gave me enough time to do the run from last Fri that Danny and I ran, plus a little extra. I was feeling like I needed to be around some trees and earth and the forest was on my route, so it worked well.

It had been overcast and raining all day, but not cold. By the time I went out, it wasn’t that dreary dark, but it was like the sun was feigning presence at the last minute… so the light was this cool, eery orange color and the rain had basically ceased so I wasn’t fighting the weather. That was a blessing.

I did the body looseners before I started, and I am grateful for that, too. I swear by those funny little warm-up exercises, but it really does get my body back into itself and help my runs. I can honestly say that everytime I do the body looseners after not having done them, I am convinced again that they have mystic properties to aid in a good run.

I just felt good when I started and I felt strong and quick. I was working on keeping my head high and my ankles high. I am still totally nuts about keeping my 790s with good tread (I can already see some heel wear, how annoying!), so I was paying attention to getting my ankles up, but not thinking necessarily where my feet were hitting. I think it’s a little bit of a double-edged sword for me:

  • when I think about my foot strike, or arms swing or whatever, my concentration goes there and I kind of veer off path a little bit cause I think I sometimes fixate… you know, it’s like driving during the evening and the drivers ed people always tell you not to look at the oncoming car’s headlights because that’s where you’ll go… but at the same time, when you’re turning, they always tell you to look where you’re going and that will guide the car where it’s supposed to go…
  1. So my point is this: when I start thinking about something I am doing incorrectly, I keep doing it incorrectly, perhaps. And when I focus on the things I am doing right, I go there and do them right, which is not something to complain about.

But seriously, do you see what I am saying? It makes sense, it’s like this crazy balancing act to make sure my brain is going the right direction so that my poor ol’ body can keep up. ;)  this is a good problem to have, I like to problem solve.

Focuses/impressions for this run:

  • The weather was lovely. I am such a sucker for perfect weather when I run. I don’t mind walking in any kind of weather, but running? It’s so much more fun when it’s lovely weather.
  • I was keeping my head up and my ankles up and working my arm swing at 90 on the flats and 45 on the uphills.
  • Because I was sore from the elliptical, I focused on basically ‘no legs’ on the flats and the hills and it seems to have served me well… not sore yet.
  • I felt fast today. I realized this morning that I have sort of abandoned Danny’s guided runs for me (Tue surges, Ths hills, Sun LSD) but I also feel like I have a better understanding of my own body now and what I can accomplish, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I can finish the run, so that’s awesome… but Danny is the expert so maybe I ought to follow his advice a bit more closely until this race is actually in completion…
  • Anyway, the point is that I felt fast and that’s what I was supposed to work on today and that is great, so I let myself go fast most of the time and then pulled back occasionally when I wanted to create the ‘surge’… the crazy thing is that I didn’t want to slow down and felt like junk after I did slow down. So I just kind of went fast for the run…
  • I don’t know what mileage I actually did, but I was in the forest for about 20 minutes and the whole run was 48 minutes and I think I probably did close to 5 miles and I had to stop at 3 lights, so my total running time was maybe close to 46 or 45 minutes, which makes that a fast run! And here’s the craziest thing about this, people: I wasn’t really trying or efforting to go faster, it just happened. it really does just happen. the whole Form-Distance-Speed thing isn’t hocus pocus, it’s real. I know a lot of you agree with me, and for those of you who aren’t there yet, keep at it. It’ll happen.
  • In the forest, there were plenty of leaves on the ground, so I wasn’t going super fast or super slow, but there are some flat areas and some hilly areas, and although my heart rate for this run was up higher on ave (179 or so), my PRE was probably about the same as my most recent runs, and that’s a great feeling for my head (ie ego).
  • Some of the hills I really was going creepy slow, but I didn’t care and my HR recovery was amazingly fast and I just felt darn good this whole run.
  • When I got out of the forest, I ended up going like a jack rabbit through this crazy non-path that I blazed for myself and cut out of the forest at a non-entry, back onto my route (absolutely pure luck, I had no idea where I was exiting the forest) and when I got back on the pavement, the rest of the way is basically a false-flat and I just took it easy and used my arms and didn’t worry about the time of day or the sunlight, since I was out of the forest and back into the visible world again.

I was really happy when I finished tonight, and someone was certainly watching out for me with the weather. This was totally a 10 run, and I am grateful. I feel like I am having more and more great runs, and I hope I can keep this up.

I’ll be out of the country (Ecuador) for two weeks pretty soon and my running will probably take a hiatus, but I’m committed to doing some form of exercise and hopefully meeting up with some other ChiRunners in the city!

Thanks to all of you, over and over again for your support. I know a lot of you read this and don’t comment, but I appreciate all eyes reading this… I can feel it! got another week of runs to blog about and then I’m outta here!


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