Getting Running back on Track

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Thankfully week 6 of half marathon training has gone better than all the others! Still missed one running session due to travelling but on the whole it’s been a very good week and I am optimistic. I have not quite shaken off the fatigue from a stressful Christmas but definitely on the way back. This week I hope to get the five running sessions on the ChiRunning training plan in.

Some interval running training for the first time in a very long time shows me that I have plenty of work to do and I look forward to working on my running technique in this conditioning phase of my training. Interval running training teaches me the importance of relaxation and working within my running technique to gain speed. These would be better done on a track going forward although setting the workout on my Garmin worked pretty well in the park. Sunday’s long run took place in crisp sunny conditions. Every 10 minutes I changed focus cycling through four in particular. I had an energy dip around the 7 mile mark but felt strong in the last 2 miles. When I got tired I thought about lengthening the back of my neck which gave me an instant boost and everything felt easier. Today I was struck by how quiet my feet are when I was running.

Next time you go for a run, see how quiet you can be while landing midfoot.

Happy running.


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