Getting Back in Shape

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I just bought your book this past Saturday and got thru the first
four chapters.  Though I haven’t gotten into the core of the ChiRunning
method I ran today (Tuesday) and noticed a HUGE difference.  Just
by working on my posture and breathing, I was able to complete my
normal 20 minute routine easily when typically I’m gasping for breath.

I am 36 and after reaching 215 lbs., I decided in late January to start
getting back in shape.  I was a sprinter in high school and running has
always been something I liked.  I decided that running along with machine
weights would be what I’d do to get myself back to a reasonable weight
(between 165 and 170 lbs.).  So far I’ve gotten down to 183 lbs. but have
reached a plateau.  I can’t seem to lose any more and I can’t seem to run
past 25 minutes at 7 MPH without wearing out.

I’m hoping that by learning the ChiRunning method, I can go well beyond my
current 25 minutes/7 MPH limit and get down to my goal weight.  I’ve had a
dream to run in and complete a triathlon before I’m 40.  Hopefully I didn’t
find this book too late!

-Doug Dye