From painful to proud with CR

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I just ran the Denver Half Marathon today and I owe it all to ChiRunning!!! Less than a year ago, I couldn’t even run a mile, mostly due to being out of shape, but now I know it was also from having incorrect form!

I picked up ChiRunning at Jamba Juice of all places, read it, LOVED it and started running using the principles of ChiRunning. Then I took the workshop here in Denver and began enjoying running and increasing my distance.

I was still only maxing at 7 miles, averaging more like 3 miles, each run, but feeling really great. This half marathon came up and I signed up intending on training. A month before the race, I got the flu and couldn’t really run much for a few weeks.

Last night, I watched the ChiRunning DVD, reviewed the principles and practiced them during the 13.1 miles and finished strong.  I wasn’t really fast, but I ran the whole thing and most importantly, I had a great time and felt good at the finish.

I owe my new love of running to Danny and ChiRunning!  Thanks!!!

– Leslie P.