From Pain to Gain Using ChiRunning

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A friend of mine gave me your book in 2008. I was busy. It collected dust. I ran 5 marathons without it, including living through several injuries. All of the injuries led to me slow down. I lost about a minute a mile from 2008-2009.

I was looking at the results of a Half that I ran in November and I saw that my friend – who is a few years older than me – had gotten faster from when I used to run with him. All while I was getting slower! I picked up the book.

After the Dallas marathon in December, I started applying the technique. I’ve noticed immediate results. I get it. I feel better. I’m already running faster, although I’m not focused on that right now (just posture and cadence). But I have new-found motivation to run marathons using Chi. I hope to start trying longer distances soon.

I’ve given away 13 copies of your running book to my friends who showed an interest and 2 copies of your walking book. Changing lives!