From Heart bypass to ChiRunning

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My name is Don. I live on the big island of Hawaii. Having had a five way heart bypass in 2004 and being a uncontrolled diabetic off and on for 15 years, about 6 months ago I decided enough is enough–time to improve the quality of my life. I decided among watching my diet I would start running, I used to love to do it 20 years ago. At age 52 I found many issues with running, or I should say jogging, the ball of my right foot hurt me so bad about 15 minutes into my jogging routine. I was having right hip pains and left knee pains as well. I decided to talk to a friend of mine who at one point was bed-ridden with some kind of illness but had nursed herself back to health and was running marathons. She told me about ChiRunning and Danny Dreyer’s ChiRunning book. I purchased the book the dvd and the metronome and hired a ChiRunning certified Instructor here on the island. Before today, I was not able to complete a 2 mile run without taking a break after the first mile. My best time on the 2 mile run was 32 painful minutes. Today, I ran 2 nonstop miles at 25 minutes with no pain in my foot, knee or hip pain, and this is after just a week of practicing the ChiRunning principles. I have much to work on but I am so blessed to have been introduced to ChiRunning. Thank You Danny for giving me hope, not just in my running but in my life.

Best Regard,

Don O.