From 3 Miles with Pain to 10 Miles Pain-Free!

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I wanted to share my ChiRunning experience. I began running spring 2011 and developed hip and foot issues with increasing mileage. A friend of mine gave me a copy of the ChiRunning book. Well, it took me several weeks for the light to come on… Wow! What a difference! Prior to ChiRunning, I couldn’t make it more than a 5K in my minimalist shoes, now I’m running 10 milers pain-free! I’m a Registered nurse turned sales rep in the orthopedic and physical therapy market. I tell therapists and ortho MD’s about my success with ChiRunning and insist they read the book  and recommend it to their patients. I PR’d on a hilly 5K two weeks ago, placing first in my age group (Mens 40-44) with a 21:10 finish. I’ve signed up to hear you talk in Asheville next month… can’t wait to meet you and the ChiRunning Staff! Thank you for CHI RUNNING!!

Holland P., North Carolina