Forty-six and still running strong with ChiRunning

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I wrote a testimonial last January. I am writing again because I am a big believer in ChiRunning. I just finished my second 50 mile race at AR50 in Sacramento on April 4th.

My first 50 mile race (Tahoe Rim) was very difficult and painful. It took me 10:27. It was a good finish for that race, but the pain in my knee was very intense and lasted for 2 weeks. I figured AR50 would take me about 9 to 10 hours to complete. I finished it  in 8:07. I was 69th overall of about 650+ runners.

Most importantly, using my newly found ChiRunning technique felt great!!!! It was my 46th birthday that day and I went out until late and still felt great the next day. I am scheduled to run Big Sur Marathon April 26th and then the Avenue of The Giants Marathon on May 3rd. I am confident I will have solid races thanks to ChiRunning. Thank you so very much…