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Classic form run today… except I had Mei Ling, the Dreyer’s dog. I watched her for some reason last night/today. (Oh yeah, they went to Hickory to buy office furniture… it IS the furniture capital of the world, after all.) She’s really a great dog. She loves to run up in the hills behind KD and DD’s house, which is great cause she can be off the leash, but when she’s on the leash?! That’s a whole different story.

We started at the track and I forgot the waistband thingy so I could run with my arms free… so I put the leash on my wrist and tried to get her to heel. It sort of works, but she kept leaning and trying to get in front of me. ROAR, so annoying. But really it was sort of funny, cause I’d get going, and Mei would be doing so well, and then whoops, she see a bird (what, dogs don’t chase birds) and then she’d cut me off and I’d mutter something like, “Mei Ling, please can you move back onto your side of the lane?! Geez.”

[NOTE:It reminded me of creating an imaginary line in the middle of the backseat of my mom’s Subaru station wagon as we drove across America on hot summer days… for the sole purpose of keeping my sister’s arms/legs/hair/clothing on HER side. I think I must have been a really mean older sister.]

Anyway, running with Mei on the track was okay, but certainly not contributing to a healthy armswing and certainly not allowing a regular speed! ;)  I gave up the track after 25 minutes of surprisingly decent running (but not before I tried to let her off the leash at the track and she scared the jeebers out of two runners AND decided to take a #2 right in front of both people. WHERE did the plastic bag go? It was on the leash, I swear. Gross.) and decided to take her up behind campus onto some rolly hills where Danny took me before. THERE Mei Ling can run free. So could I.

When we got up into the wooded hills, I was really trying to just take it easy… My legs ended up feeling like lead, and that is a weird feeling. I just went slow, though, and it was pretty decent thereafter.

When we got back to the track area, I realized that I am getting sort of bored with my running. (oh god, no!). but really, I think the variation of three runs is really a good way to train, but I was definitely bored when I got finished today. It could definitely be my lack of concentration due to the dog, so my focus was off and I was just doing without thinking. (Which is actually sometimes a good thing, to DO and not think. It’s like Yoda: Try? There is no ‘try’. There is only DO.)

I would say overall probably like a 5/6, but not because of pain, just because of external annoyances. (I love you Mei Ling!)


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