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so, it’s wed, but I had to do my run tonight: the Instructor Training is starting tomorrow, and I decided that in order to get my runs in this weekend, I would def. need to run tonight cause tomorrow is going to be full!

We have 20 candidates coming in from all over the world (entire US, Israel, Holland, Italy, Canada…) plus 7 currently Certified Instructors. The weather is supposed to be superb and it’s going to be a great group. I am included in the candidate group, and I am looking forward to going thru the training and ultimately becoming certified because I think it will really help my practice and my career!

Anyway, I tried to run tonight after work: It was supposed to be a 55 min form run today, but that absolutely didn’t happen. I was all jazzed for it to be a great run, but I didn’t get out of the office until too late, and by the time I got home and down to Carrier Park, the place near my house with the great flat loop by the river, it was already getting dark. I think I only ended up running about 25 minutes. It’s sort of embarassing to write that for all of you to read, but that’s what happened. I just couldn’t do it. I was a little freaked out about running after dark (the park is closed to the low income housing and I just, you know, wanted to stay safe!) so I think my brain shut off and then my body followed suit.

Up until the very end I did feel very good in my form though: the park has pavement and also a little wood-chip path, so there’s variable ground to try to normalize my stride length and foot strike. I took the metronome and was REAL clear about keeping my cadence at a regular pace of 86-87. It was fun to go from pavement to wood-chips and focus on keeping my ankles up and see how it worked on the less steady terrain. I tried not to think about using my hamstrings, but rather just envisioned my ankles making circular motions, and when my ankles went up I thought of little mini balloons lifting my ankles, allowing my feet to stay perfectly relaxed.

I felt very in form which was excellent and the point of today’s run.

At the end of the run, my brain was telling my body to go home, study for tomorrow, get ready, get some sleep, and it manifested in a fierce side ache. It made me want to yell in frustration, but I kept it together and just hobbled home. Side aches seem to plague me on a regular basis and I wish they would just go away.

My LSD run this Sunday may be altered/delayed because the training doesn’t end till the end of Sunday and I am sure I’ll be exhausted, so, we’ll see. I’ll take it easy with myself and not over do it.

Scale: 8. Although I didn’t finish, I did feel great about what I did do, and at least I got my shoes on and got out there. As Catherina McKiernan said in her recent ‘tips’ for the newsletter: as long as you get out there, even for 15-20 minutes, at least you’re getting out there.


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