Focused on ChiRunning

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In the mid 90’s I had bilateral medial meniscus tears repaired. I was told not to ever consider long runs again. A few years ago my daughter told me about ChiRunning.  Read the first book and started. Never have been lucky enough to fit a course into my schedule and have many flaws in technique but did, with effort, do the Richmond, VA half marathon last year. Having started reading the new edition  of ChiRunning, I found the focuses even better.  Completed the book the week before this year’s race and a year older. At age 60, finished with ease 8 minutes better than a year ago at 1:54. During the race whenever fatigue appeared, I worked through the focuses and solved the problem.  I credit the technique of ChiRunning for this and also would stress the importance of the dietary concepts outlined in the book. Shortly after last year’s race I made a complete conversion to plant-based, no-oil nutrition, and I believe that is an important factor as well. Many thanks for for all the concepts in ChiRunning, and I still hope to attend a ChiRunning course some day.