Fitness Begins Now: Chi Walk-Run Into the New Year

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If you’re like most people, you tend to set personal goals as part of your annual New Year’s Resolutions in early January. But why wait for New Year’s – do it now! Get your revitalized running and walking fitness program underway now so that you’ll really be moving when the New Year begins – and you may even manage your Holiday eating habits better by doing so.

Whether you get going now or wait until 2012 has arrived, one program that is proving to be very “user friendly” for helping meet fitness and health goals is ChiLiving’s new pain-free Chi Walk-Run approach. We all know that getting and staying fit is key to a healthy lifestyle and is the best prescription for healthy aging (view PBS video, Younger Next Year) . Why, then, do so many people have trouble getting going on a fitness program and why do so many stop fitness activities soon after beginning them? Motivation and personal commitment are important aspects but, again, it is critical to have a fitness activity that is both do-able and enjoyable in order to succeed to get moving and keep moving.

If you used to run but no longer do, or if you have always wanted to run, but have never done so, Walk-Run may be for you. If you think walking is not enough of a workout or you haven’t done it much, Walk-Run may be for you. If you just can’t seem to find a fitness program that attracts you, Walk-Run may be for you. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your fitness undertakings, Walk-Run may be for you. If you want to move to the next level in your fitness endeavors, Walk-Run may be for you. How can Chi Walk-Run offer so much and meet such a myriad of personal needs and situations? Read on!

The pain-free and injury free Chi Walk-Run program offers a straightforward, understandable, accessible and interesting approach to aerobic activity. It offers variety and the opportunity for new and changing challenges. The benefits come quickly and are reinforcing and personal motivation is enhanced due to the option of mixing walking and running in do-able and changing ratios. Although any walk-run program has benefits, learning the basics of the ChiWalking technique and ChiRunning technique, provides the foundation to implement the unique, awareness-oriented and collaborative approach of Chi Walk-Run. As you move into the end of the year holiday season, give yourself a present with lifelong value – read the book, view the DVD, contact a Certified ChiRunning/Walking Instructor. Above all, get moving soon and mix up some walking with a little running and see what you think. Walk-Run, especially Chi Walk-Run, may be for you. Begin Fitness Now!


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