First Place Monterey County Female in Big Sur Marathon

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I ran in my 14th Big Sur Marathon last Sunday…my 2nd consciously practicing all that I have learned in ChiRunning. I love that event…and even more now that I know how to relax and enjoy…not just say that is what I want to do! I incorporate what I have learned from ChiRunning in all that I do every day…whether I am walking, running, hiking, riding my bike, or standing at work!

I did very little running in preparation for the race…I power walk with weights and ride my bike to work on a daily basis…and I do a lot of hiking and long bike rides on the weekends.  Even so, I was confident that I would be able to go the distance at the marathon as long as I listen to my heart…as it knows what to do.

I finished in 3:36…and as a bonus placed as first Monterey County female!  Equally as important, my recovery was seamless…a little bit tight in spots, but I was riding my bike to work the next day. My life has changed in a huge way since reading ChiRunning…physically, mentally, and spiritually….and I love to share!

Thank you!