First Marathon success with ChiRunning

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I’ve entered my first marathon (NH), and regardless of how it goes, I feel I should thank you. I began running in high school — never running more than five miles at a time — but perpetual shin splints eventually made it unbearable, and I gave it up sometime in my early twenties. At twenty-eight, I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, and took up tai chi out of curiosity and in response to the disease. After years of practice, I found myself applying tai chi to just about everything I did — typing, driving, yard work, walking, etc. — but it wasn’t until last fall that I began running with tai chi in mind. I found your book early this year, and it has since been a constant companion and guide, both confirming ideas (sometimes ‘crazy’, like racing flats) I was trying and educating me to those I hadn’t thought of. I’m now 39 and I ran 22 miles for the first time last Sunday. More importantly, I enjoy running again for the first time in over a decade. No shin splints, no injuries. I won’t be breaking any records this October, but I plan on smiling most of the way. Thanks!

– Greg

Greg wrote back after the race to say: “Made it! 4:45 and barrels of fun. Thanks again!”