First Marathon a Boston Qualifier!

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I’m a 48 male, who on October 18th, 2009 ran his first marathon (Detroit Free Press). Not only did I finish, I qualified for Boston in a time of 3:29:24.

I was an avid runner in my 20’s but got away from racing once I started a career, got married and started a family. I got back into running about seven years ago but had no interest in competing. Two things changed that. The first, was being given your ChiRunning book as a Christmas gift in 2007. In my youth I never thought about running, I just did it.  After reading your book and with a lot of practice, I was amazed at the results. I felt much better after my runs and my times improved tremendously. The second driver was my 21 year old son, who in June, 2008, finally convinced me to enter a 5k race. I came in second in my age group and was hooked.

Since then I’ve lost 12 pounds (back to my college weight), feel great and look forward to running. While not a runner (yet) my wife has picked up some tips too and has entered several competitive walks with great success. She also has seen a positive impact on her weight and overall health.

Thank you for helping me understand how to listen to my body and use my chi.


Ken R.