First LSD trip

hah, no, it’s not what you’re thinking. If you know LSD in the ChiWorld, you know that it stands for Long Slow Distance. Today, Sunday, was my first LSD run. I ran around the flat park near my house in a couple loop track. It was alright, actually…

Felt good, ran the full 45 minutes, one big loop at Carrier Park, two at the French Park dog park, and 1/2 of Carrier Park again. Click here to see the approximate map.

I felt good. Tried to focus on keeping my calves loose, keeping my forehead forward, leading my body with my head. Tried to imagine not pushing with my toes at all, and that seemed to help. I felt like I was going at a pretty good, steady clip in 2nd gear.

Over all scale about an 8 (from 1-10)… Did body looseners before I went, which was good and really does loosen me up. I did a leg drain and stretched when I got home. I went about 8.45 am, not too hot (so nice!) and the park wasn’t busy at all…


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