First form workout

Thursday, form, 40 minutes

So, Danny thought it would be a good idea to videotape me today. I am not sure how I feel about that, but what can I say?

Today was my 2nd run ever for this training, and we met at the track again. My Thursday runs are supposed to be a form workout. We met at the UNCA track, the weather was good and I started with the body looseners. I think they really help me a lot. Danny was late so I just got going: because I didn’t want to burn out too soon, I asked Danny if it was okay for me, for these first runs, to walk ever. He said, yes, but do it in increments of always less than 1 minute. “1 minute is plenty of time for your body to recoup.”

I did 20 mins around the track in gear 1/2, walked for 1 minute, 15 mins around the track gear 1/2 and then Danny met me as I was finishing up that lap. We ran together for another 30 minutes or so, with his critique of my form. (Ha, so funny, I later found out that Danny told Katherine, “Man, she’ll be a good runner but she’s very inefficient right now.”)

I wasn’t feeling great; my knees were a little achey and i felt like i was ‘back’ to my old running style of just barelling through it and hating every moment. After Danny filmed me (he put the camera and himself at about center of goal post and filmed me on the curve), he said my two focuses need to be keeping my chin down (crown up) and getting my ankles up… those are my only two focuses for the next couple weeks. He kept telling me to try to just really let go in my lower legs, let my calves feel like butter, like room-temp butter than just falls apart. He said not to focus on speed at all, but just on the focuses.

My body started to talk while we were running and then again at the end of the run/through the day. I have this weirdness in my hip on the right side (i fell while camping last weekend, hard on my right butt). My hip/sciatica was a little tender, but not too bad. My body is sore after the workout, though, so I think I need to try to stretch.


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