First Athlete to Complete an Ironman Event with Two Artificial Knees with the Help of ChiRunning

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Tony Castro here, I spoke to you regarding my goal of competing in an Ironman event 1 year after a total double knee replacement, with your Chi running style I have now found a way to run again, I will use your name in my Ironman profile and mention it as running style of choice.

My plan is simple, I signed up for the September 10th 2017 in Santa Cruz California, to be an inspiration to other aging and physically challenged athletes, and with the help of ChiRunning, be the first “Athlete” to complete an IRONMAN event with two artificial knees.

As I reflect on everything that has transpired on my journey to get to this crucial point in my personal sports career, I realize that it is all here, nearly everything I need to drive me one more time to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

Thank you & never give up!
Tony Castro

P.S. Here are before/after pictures of my knees. 1st picture from 5/1/16 and the 2nd picture is on 5/6/16.