Finished Twin Cities Marathon with ChiRunning

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Heather wrote to us a few months ago with worries that she was not up to the proper training level for the October 9th marathon in the Twin Cities.  Thanks to coaching from Lisa Pozzoni and Danny Dreyer, Heather followed up with this amazing story of her success!

I started training for the October Marathon in the Twin Cities this February with all your books. At the time, I couldn’t run more than 2 minutes without stopping to walk for a break.  I had tried a 10 mile run the year prior but with severe knee pain,  I walked the last 8.

After reading your book, I did the exercises, made the changes and it got me through to the finish in time!  I was a puddle of tears of happiness and pride!   Just wanted you and your staff to know the happy ending.   I also realized my patella was tracking laterally,  which has to do with your foot landing (I was landing too much on the outside of my foot and didn’t realize it.   New shoes,  less supportive and kinesio taping and focusing on landing better helped). 

At the marathon, I had mild knee pain and did walk the last 6, but 2 days after,  I’m better off than most of the other first time marathoners.  Can’t say enough how great it feels to have completed it! Thank you for writing your books and continuing to have support for runners like me.  I can’t say enough good things to really express my appreciation.   I constantly refer patients (I’m a Chiropractor) and runners to your books.  It’s amazing how many people benefit from simply finding their neutral stance. I love ChiRunning!