Finished First Marathon Strong with ChiMarathon

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I’m writing this message to thank you for your book ChiMarathon, which guided me through the process of preparing to my first marathon event. On October 20, 2013 I completed Toronto Waterfront Marathon and I can attest that the book delivered on its promise – the marathon was an amazing, exciting and exhilarating experience, as painless as possible. True, I didn’t run fast in common sense way – my time was 4 hours 33 minutes. However, I didn’t stop (except for a bathroom break on one of the first kilometers, which added 5 minutes to my final time – that was unexpected!), I didn’t have to walk during the race, I finished on my two feet and walked without limping after finish, I was able to pace myself and to keep exertion level more or less even throughout the race, increasing the speed in the end. On the night of the event I was invited to a friend’s birthday party and everybody was surprised that I looked “normal” and could sing and play guitar. Next day at work colleagues were surprised to find out that I had run a marathon the day before and couldn’t tell much difference, except for the glow in the eyes :). On Tuesday I ran a regular 5K, then a 15K race next Saturday and a half-marathon two weeks after the event.

I attended your seminar in Montreal in August 2013 and you discussed with me how to adjust the program to achieve my goal. The seminar itself was very helpful in readjusting the form focuses, improving body sensing, getting fresh insights on ChiRunning ideas, techniques, exercises and philosophy from the source, receiving practical advice about choosing shoes and running in cold weather, and also getting new confidence and reassurance in following the path. I ran my first official half-marathon in Montreal the day after the seminar and I definitely used new “focus helpers”, especially, in relation to hill running.

I also have to mention that the book’s sections on hydration, nutrition, electrolyte replenishment and their strategic placement of the related focuses along the training timeline helped immensely to get familiar with the body reaction to the distance, to control the intake, depending on a particular run’s circumstances. “The wall” transformed from a dreadful show stopper into an expected stage in the marathon running process, at which you may have to slow down and proceed carefully, watching yourself even more intently, rewarded by a blissful comeback afterwards.

Thank you very much for the very change that ChiRunning brought into my life, for the great work that you do and for the inspiration your ideas and work generate!

Yuriy V.