Finished First Marathon Strong with Chi

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Hi Danny,

I just wanted to thank you for writing Chi Marathon.  I just finished my first marathon on Monday, sprinting across the finishing line.

Exactly one year ago I watched my wife run a relay leg of a marathon and decided to do one targeting June 2013.  I’m 34 and hadn’t run in 15 years (spending all of my time surfing).

Summer 2012 I couldn’t get past 4 miles without developing tendonitis in my knees.  When a friend suggested ChiRunning I bought the first book adopted the technique and built up to 10 miles injury-free by Christmas.  Then I saw the Chi Marathon book and followed the programme to the letter since January.

My objective in January was to “finish strong.”  I must have run past 100 people in the last two miles. You’re focuses helped throughout the race. My brother-in-law got a great photo of me crossing the finishing line holding hands with my 5 year old daughter, with a big smile on my face.

Sorry for this essay but I wanted to write to you as I’m so grateful to you and your wife for writing these books.


(Photo by Kieran Motherway)