Finally finished the Leadville 100 using ChiRunning

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WE DID IT!!!  I FINISHED THE LEADVILLE 100, finally, on my 3rd try, using ChiRunning!

Danny, you and your Instructors are the greatest!

I have been working on ChiRunning since getting a copy of your first book over a year ago and my running has improved since. I decided to take the Workshop in Denver for one-on-one improvements on the focuses.

It did the trick with Laura Houston pulling me aside showing me how to lift my feet by pointing my toes. I don’t remember who told me how to improve my arm swing by lowering my shoulders, swinging my elbows back and then relaxing on the return, which has improved my speed. I just wish I could let you all know by name the one-on-ones you gave me on the focuses but let’s say I am very grateful to all of you.

Also, Katherine, thank you for your article Gathering and Issuing. I read it just before the race. I was not able to practice it before the race, but used it during and I feel it helped me complete the 100 miles within the 30 hour time limit. It was very new to me as I have always felt I had to push “issue” all the time going up hills and down. Now I have a new tool in my running belt and that is to “gather” my energy for when I need it in the race.

As far as the Leadville 100 Race went, I had major problems: Fell on my face coming down Power Line at (20 miles) and was bleeding badly from my face, eye, knee, etc. My crew were like corner men in a boxing ring at Fish Hatchery (23 miles) and stopped the bleeding and taped me up; then going over Hope Pass (45 miles) I got very sick from refueling at the aid station on top, was down 8 lbs. at Winfield (50 miles), but they let me keep going; I just made the cut off at Twin Lakes (60 miles) to the minute on the way back by sprinting using my ChiRunning; then again at May Queen (87 miles) I had to sprint to make the cut off and at 90 miles was informed I had to run about an 8 minute pace to finish before the 30 hour cutoff and my pacers and crew just kept at me to remember my ChiRunning, focus, lift feet, cadence, lean, arm swing, rotate, etc. At that point I know I was not doing the techniques perfectly, but was doing my best after running over 90 miles.

Well, if you would like to know what the finish was like, just ask Certified Instructor Laura Houston because she informed she saw me finish, as I don’t remember much of the finish, but made it.

You can keep going using ChiRunning when the brain is almost shut down. I know, I proved it to myself during the finish at Leadville 100. It was not pretty!!!!

My recovery is going very well and my legs are not sore or hurting and I feel I could go for a run, but will wait a few days. The only thing that hurts are the cuts from the fall.

I can’t say enough about the ChiRunning. Even though it was not one of my better races, I finally finished on my 3rd attempt at the Leadville 100 using the ChiRunning.  It works, it really does!!!

Thank you all again and please pass this along to the other instructors that were at the workshop.

Very best to you all,

John H.

PS: As some of you know, I am only 66 years old and feel with ChiRunning I will be able to keep running for the rest of my life.