Finally Enjoying Running, After 11 Years

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I am in the Air Force stationed at Pope AFB, NC, which is right next door to Fort Bragg.  I have served in the Army for 4 years and the Air National Guard for 5 years. I have only been active duty Air Force for 1 year and so far it has been somewhat of a hard transition.  You see prior to me coming to active duty, we did not run in the Air National Guard for our PFT.  So all last year I failed 3 PFT, because I could not run.  Things have changed now, because I can actually say that for the first time in all of my 11 years of service,I enjoy running. That is something I thought I would never say. I am writing you because I feel great. Why do I feel great you may ask?  I was on a no-running profile for 3 months (Dec-Feb). I ran during a PFT in November and was suffering from shin splints. I ran my 1.5 mile in 14:43. Two weeks after my profile expired, my Squadron Commander wanted us to take a mock PFT.  On March, 12 2010, I ran my 1.5 mile in 14:02.  Not even a week later on March 18, 2010, I ran it in 13:09.  I owe it all to ChiRunning. I haven’t even got to Chapter 4 and I feel that it has already had a huge impact in the way that I run now.  I can only imagine how my running will improve once I finish the book.  For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy running.

The good news is I had a 42″ waist in this photo of March of last year.  Now I am at a 38″. My goal is to be between 35″ and 36″.

Thank you so much.


Marcos C.