Feeling Like a Million Bucks with ChiRunning Focuses

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Hi there fellow runners,

Over the weekend I ran in a 5 mile race in Eau Claire, Wisconsin called the Buckshot run. The locals love this race and some very speedy hotshots always show up for the fun. It is a event for “Special Olympics”, so I was excited to be able to donate to a wonderful cause and use it as a training run. I bought the ChiRunning book 2 1/2 years ago after watching my daughter Sara complete her first Chicago Marathon along with 30 other Chiropractic students. Her spirit throughout the marathon inspired me to start running again.

As I have been reading the ChiRunning and half marathon guide the past couple of years, I have learned so much about myself. These guides are like my Bible, I go back into them daily to re-read the Focuses and exercises. What I have found is that they are becoming a part of the way I walk, run, and live. I am learning to trust my body through trial and error and my running is coming together as it did last Saturday on my 5 mile race.

As I started slow and steady, while half of the pack flew past me, I just talked to myself and relaxed. I found my pace and visualized my feet landing in the midfoot strike and thinking in my minds eye – heels up, knees down. Focusing my eyes straight ahead, I picked runners to pass and gradually increased my lean and found that sweet spot to run. Breathing deeply and freely I ran and raced. My stride isn’t very long so it is a balancing act for me at times. The last part of the race is uphill, so I shortened my stride and floated to the top like a balloon and finished strong.

The coolest part of the whole morning was feeling like I pushed myself as hard as I could and yet my body rewarded me with all the Focuses that I have been practicing with ChiRunning. I felt like a million bucks and later found out that I came in 2nd in my 55-60 age bracket finishing my first 5 mile race in 41:16 thanks to ChiRunning.

I encourage anyone out there who has the dream to run, to just start. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, when you are given the right tools and desire, you can do anything. I wish all of you many blessings and sweet running! I believe in you … because you are amazing!!!

Nancy N., WI