Extraordinary Pain to Extraordinary Gain

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I want to thank Danny and all of the ChiRunning instructors who ran the great ChiRunning workshop at Kripalu – in Spring 2008. I am a lifelong  runner who long ago resigned myself to running in pain. I have suffered through 3 tibial stress fractures, 2 metatarsal stress fractures, torn menisci, bilateral chondromalacia patallae, intractable R-sided piriformis pain, etc….I have had my gait video-analyzed and corrected with expensive prescription orthotics. I have worked through various Physical Therapy programs. All to no avail.

After my last round of knee surgery, I ran an internet search with the terms, “pain-free running”, imagine that… That’s how I learned about the ChiRunning method. I found the  workshop at Kripalu–and decided to take a chance. I am skeptical about many things in life–stubborness, isn’t that what makes for good distance runners? In any case, I wasn’t that optimistic about  ChiRunning, it all sounded a bit too crystals-and-Karma for me. I am so glad I decided to keep an open mind–and to try the course.  It has changed my life. I have run mostly pain-free for the past year and a half.

This past weekend my husband and I ran our first marathon together. It was a very hilly course–and as I side-stepped happily up all the climbs, I kept thinking glowing thoughts of ChiRunning.  I am a very short little woman–and I can never pass men on the flats, but by utilizing ChiRunning techniques I was able to pass other runners on the climbs, even the last ones at mile 22. The marathon went quickly and painlessly–and my time surprised and pleased me tremendously.  When I crossed the finish line–I wept and thanked Danny very loudly — could you hear me?