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Winter Running Shoe Tricks

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Tue Feb 23rd, 2010, 11 comments

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a past blog that my running buddies and I used to screw sheetmetal screws into the bottoms of our running shoes whenever the conditions got especially treacherous. Well, a good friend just sent me a picture of his newly enhanced running shoes and I thought I’d pass it along, so you could see how it’s done. Be sure to use 1/4″ screws unless you’re into S&M.

I was also recently sent a pair of Yaktrax running shoes to try out. I like them. They’re super easy to put on, they stay on, and they work great to keep you from slipping on ice or packed snow. They’re light weight and they don’t feel as weird under my feet as it thought they would. By that, I mean that my feet remain pretty flat running in them. They don’t throw me off balance in any way and they don’t feel like I’ve got something strange stuck to the bottom of my running shoe. I’d recommend them to anyone crazy enough to head out for a run regardless of how nasty the conditions might be…or how deep the snow.

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I use Yaktrax and love them. I have maintained solid traction running on icy, hilly streets and in slippery snow—Seattle snow. I highly recommend them and they are affordable.

Dear Danny,
all winter long I’am running with „Icebug’s“, shoes from a small swedish company ( These shoes are light, they bring your feets close to the ground and they have more than a dozen of integrated stubs with carbide steel tips. These stubs are “dynamic”, because on hard surfaces like asphalt the studs are pushed in towards the sole’s surface. 
My favourite is the Icebug GG Fly BUGrip, because it is made of Goretex and has integrated gaiters for deep powder snow conditions. Give them a try !

Hey, Carsten,
With two recommendations (from Alaska and Sweden!) I’m going to have to try a pair. After skiing for 30 years in Colorado and running many, many times with frozen toes, my poor feet turn white walking across a wet lawn in the summertime, and in the winter they just never warm up. I came back from a run today 23ºF and my toes didn’t thaw until I’d been in the hot tub for 15 minutes! Thanks for giving me hope!

I also use the Yaktrax in the norwegian winter, 5 degrees Fahrenheit and about 3 feet of snow outside. Works great!

I bought your book July 2008 and it saved me. Before I read your book, I was confused about running, sad that I was doubting going out for runs because of injuries and I was scared not to be able to run anymore.  I was never a reader but I read your book in 3 days.  I have been practicing not only the techniques during my run but I apply a part from your book with everything I do: biking, other sports, sitting down, studying, working…  I am so much more conscious of my actions and most of all in control of my running.  This to say that I found myself with your book.  I Love running and so happy that I can do so without doubts.  I am sharing this knowledge with people around me and your book has been the gift that I give to most of my friends and Family (Chi Running and Chi Walking)  Well, You made a difference in my life with your book.  I will be moving to the Yukon in May, are there any Chi Running teachers out there?

Thanks again smile

Hi Catherine,
I’m thrilled that ChiRunning has been able to help you overcome the fear of getting injured. Keep up the good work. I’m sorry to say that we don’t have an instructor in the Yukon, but you might be able to find a ChiRunning companion on our website forum. Here’s a link to the forum “Find ChiRunners Near You.”

Good luck running up north,

For winter running in many states we have lived in, the Yaktrax work great! We enjoy excellent traction in winter conditions. I completely agree with Christy’s assessment.

Yaktrax Pro traction aids work well for the road or well groomed trail running, but Kahtoola Microspikes are much more robust for trail running.  They are about twice the price but worth every penny if you do a lot of trail running like I do (I haven’t run on the road in nearly 18 months).

Hi Danny - Northern Vermont runner here (and brand new to ChiRunning and loving it!). I use Yaktrax a lot, but I run on dirt roads with ice and hills, and have found Katoolah Microspikes to be superior to the Yaktrax for the iciest days.

Malcolm Brookes Apr 29th, 2010 01:24am

Used Yaktrax Pro in UK snow and ice in the UK this winter.  No interruption of training for my marathon a month running.  Excellent.

Running Shoe Reviews 2011 May 15th, 2011 09:51am

Thank you for your detail.

Thanks for the share,we need to use Yaktrax for comfort traction and Boot protection.With these we can easily move and do desires position with a great confidence.

Running Buddies Mar 4th, 2014 05:57am


Great post thanks for info!


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