What a way to start a weekend – early morning running - Chi Running

What a way to start a weekend – early morning running

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Fri Sep 18th, 2009, 4 comments

This is certainly the year of rain for Asheville. Before the sun came up this morning, I roused Oliver and myself and headed out the door for a pre-dawn running session.

The misting rain felt great, and although 100% humidity is always interesting for running, listening to the air is a nice meditation.

I haven’t been running a whole lot, but have been walking with the dog and around the neighborhood a lot, so I could certainly tell my heart was working. We ran just over two miles, and let me tell you that if there is ever a running companion that will motivate you, it’s a dog.

I have noticed lately when I’ve been running that my shoulders are swinging a bit. I feel a lack of energy in my hips, and I probably need to get a good stretching session in before I go run again (not directly before, but a day or two ahead). Trying to get my shoulders to stabilize, I was working hard on leading with my forehead and directing my elbows to the rear. It’s certainly true that when my shoulders stop rotating, even a little bit, my lower body will compensate.

So, I’ve been constantly working on getting my chin down and the crown of my head high, all the time. When I drive, when I sit here and write, and especially when I am walking or running. Because I’ve been practicing every day, it’s way easier to make sure I do that when I exercise.

My body feels pretty good now and I am so grateful I resisted the urge to stay in bed and decided instead of get up and go for an energizing running session.

Planning on a run this weekend. Of course it’s going to rain, so we’ll see. Have a great weekend everybody.


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Scott James Jun 9th, 2011 01:24am

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