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treadmill again…

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Dec 9th, 2008, 2 comments

it was cold again here on sunday, so cold that I went out to the shed to get a few things, and by the time I came back inside, i could barely feel my hands and apparently I had liquid boogers running down my nose that i couldn’t feel. lovely.

needless to say, i chickened and ran on the treadmill at the Y. Again, it was crazy busy and did a good 30 minutes (3 miles) and then did a little bit on the elliptical… my lower legs are sore from the elliptical… it’s been almost a year since I was on one of those machines… and now I remember why. I used to like them, but not so much anymore…

i wore more appropriate clothing indoors on Sunday and didn’t die of heat, but was still plenty sweaty. definitely felt like i was ‘efforting’ more than usual… probably the way it goes

anyway, it was a decent workout, and although i only ‘ran’ about 1/4 of what I was supposed to run, I did something. Hope I’m not damaging my progress by not having done two long runs two weeks in a row… having a hard time with the cold…

I didn’t really have any aches or pains while running, but I have GOT to do the body looseners. I feel like a slacker cause I haven’t been doing them lately. Bad Liz, bad Liz!

today is overcast and supposed to rain, but i am determined to run, so i’ll have something good to write about tonight.



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It’s important to back down with a cold when you need to, giving the body a chance to recoup and catch up.  Before you know it, you’ll be back to the long runs again without losing any momentum!

Yea I find the same thing is true.  Especially living in Minnesota.  It is -20 out today and running outside isn’t a fun idea.

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