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Training for the Asheville Half Marathon

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Sun Jun 27th, 2010, 1 comment

Okay, folks. It’s official. Shelly and I will be running the Asheville Half Marathon: 18 Sept 2010.

That means in the meantime, we’ll be training! So that means that I’m back to blogging like a real blogger and will be updating more frequently. Fun!

We are using the Pain-Free Beginner Half Marathon Training Program to guide our running training process. We’ll be starting Week 5 this week, which is all about Pelvic Rotation. Today was my LSD of 6 miles, so I ran about 60 minutes (I still run about a 10 min/mile pace… I wonder when my body will be ready to start running the next pace. She’s just happy at 6 miles an hour.)

I had a great long run today in the woods with Oliver (Shelly was gone, but we’ll train together during the weekdays this coming week…). I used my 5 minute countdown timer on my watch and found it extraordinarily helpful. I am starting to use a countdown timer more often while running. It’s a blessing.

Today I focused on several things: 1) Not stepping past my hip 2) Balancing in my “window of lean” 3) Feeling my feet at the bottom of my column, 4) the “C” Shape and 5) Limp lower legs.

All great focuses for a hilly run. For those of you who have either run the Asheville 1/2 before or are familiar with the terrain: it’s a hilly race. The good thing is that we’ll be able to train on the course, which is a distinct advantage, I guess.

I have to admit that the unknown can be more fun…

So far, so good.  I felt steady and strong for the entire run and am going to experiment with taking my ability to Body Sense/train to another level during this running training round. I want to get even more in tune with what my body is doing and how I can use the Chi Running form focuses to direct my body to run and respond well.

Really excited to be training for a new event and for something to make me roll out of bed early or head to the road after a long day at work. Thanks to everyone for your support so far.



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rhona currie Jul 18th, 2010 11:36pm

good luck i will be following your training blog as i am running the great noth run the day after you, and need all the help i can get, my run is a half marithon

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