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The 1st attempt

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Wed Aug 20th, 2008, 3 comments

20 Aug 2008

I have been assigned to three runs per week, and today was the first in a long set of 3 runs per week for 10+ weeks. I headed to the UNC Asheville track to do my first workout, which for this Tuesday and every Tuesday to follow, involves a 15 min warm up, a series of ‘accelerations’, broken up by easy jogs, and a nice 15 min run in ~ gear 2.

Being a Colorado native, the hot weather makes me feel like a fish out of water. I was grateful this morning for the cool weather.

I felt very slow for the first 15 min start, approx. 5 laps… I can’t keep track (ha! no pun intended…) but really, I just can’t keep track of how many laps I do. So whatever, I got out there and did a nice easy gear 1 pace of a warm up. I found myself trying to hold back from going out too hard, as that’s what I’ve always done. It was hard, but it saved me by the end of the run.

I liked the accelerations, which are a series of 6 intervals of a 200 m stretch separated by 100 m stretch. I was to begin the 200 m at gear 1 and by the end of that 200 m be in “my gear 4.” (I say ‘my gear’ because I didn’t want to push it to hard at the get go, and it was my first run and I wasn’t trying to break records, so, you know…). After that 200 m, I backed off my gear 4 lean and went back to a nice gear 1 pace until the next 200 m stretch, and so on.

The last 15 minutes, supposed to be in gear 2, were alright. My knees were a little bit achey, felt like I was going at a healthy ’2′ but realized that I probably was going really slowly. (Which I know is okay, but some of my ego was a little bit put-out).

On a scale of 1-10 (low to high) I would say the entire run was about a 6 in terms of my feeling afterward. PRE (perceived rate of exertion) on the same scale was probably higher, maybe 6-7…

I am going to try to be really good about stretching after each run and try to do the leg drains. I get so much lactic acid build-up, even with this, that I know my body needs the drain. I have done it a few times in the past and it really does make me feel better. Also doing the Body Looseners before beginning is immensely helpful, and I could feel it this am when I began and my ankles didn’t wince and my spine didn’t pop.



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The blog was very interesting.  It is pointing me in the correct direction for my upcoming training program for the 10 miler that will be held in early May.

Can you explain he leg drain?

Sure! the leg drains are explained very well by an article Danny wrote awhile back, here is the link:
Read the entire article, it’s good, but #6 explains leg drains… the book also has about two pages about it p 117-118. Thanks Linda!

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