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Running With A Team

Posted by Ryan Miller on Thu Dec 17th, 2009, No comments (be the first!)

One of my favorite things about running has always been running with a team. I enjoy the quiet solitude of running alone as well, but there is something special about running on a team. Many of my deepest friendships have been formed with high school and college teammates. I have fond memories of ‘the good ole days’ and always smile when I think back to all the fun we had.

Another thing I love about running on a team is working with a coach. I have been very lucky to work with the coaches I’ve had throughout my running career. My high school coach, Dennis Driscoll taught me the value of a scientific approach. Coach Driscoll had his athletes train with a heart rate monitor which allowed us to stay within our training zone and learn about the various systems of the body that contribute to the overall act of running.

My college coach, Jim Jellison, taught me the value of core strength and being a total athlete. This allowed me to step outside the typical power running paradigm of “run more miles,” and strengthen my whole body. Working with a stability ball, stability disc and various other items has improved my running and life dramatically.

I’m now running post collegiately for a team called The Sisu Project, which was started by my good friend and college teammate Matt Germain. Being a part of this team has been instrumental in my continued success as an athlete, and more importantly as a person.  Having a network of people sharing a similar vision and goals helps keep me focused and motivated.

Running with a team can also help improve your running form. When running behind someone it is more difficult to overstride because you will step on their heels. A great ChiRunning focus to practice while doing track intervals with your team is feeling the one legged posture stance while trying to eliminate any forward reaching with the leg. If you clip the heels of the runner in front of you it is likely that you are over striding.


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