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Running: The Next Phase

Posted by Michelle Muldoon on Mon Nov 28th, 2011, 2 comments

I have recently come back from Asheville, North Carolina, where I had the pleasure of spending 4 days with Danny Dreyer and 50+ Chi Running Instructors at our bi-annual instructor weekend.  It’s always a golden time.  I am constantly amazed at the effect the Chi Running technique can have on running and the quality of life experience of those who choose to take this path.  I feel fortunate and proud to be part of such a fantastically talented group of people all passionate and committed to the practise of teaching and mastering the pain-free Chi Running technique.

Amongst other things, we all had our running technique analysed. I have much to be pleased with and some things to work on.  Since my last blog, my foot has healed well and I am doing more and more running.  Form intervals continue to be part of my running training and crucial to honing certain aspects of my technique.  If you read my blog, you will know that I have always been interested in heart raterunning training but have never managed to stick with it!  Although in the pain-free Chi Running technique, we prefer to use a heart rate monitor as a biofeedback tool, experience tells me in my case, I need to spend time on conditioning and developing a good aerobic base.  This will be a challenge and require me to run very slowly over the next few weeks and months.

With the help of a fellow instructor, I have decided I am up to the challenge this time although it requires a lot of discipline and a serious dose of non-identification as I am overtaken on a regular basis in the park!  The last two weeks have seen me return to regular training and already I am seeing some improvements.  In terms of form, running very slowly requires me to pay close attention to how I am moving.  It is crucial to maintain a running action even when running at a very slow pace. It’s important to stay away from a shuffle, keep the cadence up, relax your ankles and lower legs and maintain your alignment.  The lean is minimal.

After the unseasonably mild weather, the temperature finally dropped here in the UK this morning which had the added benefit of keeping my heart rate down and allowing me to run at a slightly quicker pace. Roll on winter!

Happy running.


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angelica jaquez Dec 7th, 2011 03:44pm

any workshops in los Angeles area soon.

Kudos! What a neat way of thinikng about it.

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