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running made me sore?!

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Apr 30th, 2009, 1 comment

I didn’t realize it until this afternoon, but it appears I really did something funky with my body when I was running yesterday.

Going up the stairs today at work is semi-painful. What did I do? My right adductor, medial quad and glute are sore. What on earth did I do?

It’s a puzzler, but definitely something to consider when I go running on Sunday!!

Thoughts? Tips? Who knows!



  • sore adductor,
  • sore glute,
  • sore quad

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This is so funny…I just got back from Chicago and went out two mornings with my daughter to run.  My quads were slightly sore the next two days and I can’t figure out why other then my daughter is a much faster runner and I was trying to keep up and that is why I am sore.  The terrain is very flat in Illinois and here in Austin where I live it is hilly that’s why I was so surprised I was sore.  Oh well as I always say this shall pass.

Maybe you were running faster then usual too?

Linda Sue

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