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Running and Walking Technique Rooted In Principles

Posted by David Stretanski on Wed Nov 18th, 2009, 1 comment

When I first picked up a ChiRunning Book about four years ago – in pain, injured, frustrated and confused; I first realized my running philosophy was a bit off and then I realized my running technique was a bit off also.

On the surface, ChiRunning is about adjusting running technique to improve efficiency and prevent injury.  Underneath, ChiRunning in rooted in simple principles of nature that if applied can dramatically change your running experience.  The same is true for ChiWalking and your walking experience.

The first three chapters of the ChiRunning Book are all about these principles.  It is not until chapter four that the elements of the technique are presented.  Looking back, the first three chapters were critical to my understanding and all of the incremental and consistent progress that has followed.  I am grateful that patience allowed the process of learning to unfold as it did.

[Again, the same is true for the ChiWalking Book with the first three chapters all about principles and chapter four begins the walking technique.]

Recently the following quote came across my desk.  I think it sums it up quite nicely.

The principle without the technique is useless, the technique without the principle is dangerous.
— George Ohsawa

When someone asks about ChiRunning, I am sure to introduce the principles first, then the benefits and then finally specific elements of the technique.  The principle provides the ‘why’ that can motivate the ‘how’.  ChiRunning is about changing habits to improve the quality of your running experience.  Sometimes our existing habits form slowly over time; as if we drift into them with subtle life influences.

Which leads me to another great quote: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” which is attributed to many on the internet.  Consider that when you do stand for something, it is almost always based on a principle by which you live.

So, happy running and walking; and considering embracing the ‘why’ so when you stand and move in a new direction you can be rooted in simple principles of nature that apply to us all.

Please share your thoughts and any questions in a comment below.

David Stretanski
ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Certified Instructor
NJ/Northeast USA



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Now that I’m practicing the proper stance, posture, and technique,is the reason that I become more tired during my run because I have to get used to it?

Because of my practicing my speed seems to be down some…will my speed pick up?

What are your thoughts?

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