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Running and training and preparing for Asheville

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Tue Aug 24th, 2010, No comments (be the first!)

The weather is starting to get cooler. That must mean fal runningl is around the corner, and so too is the Asheville Half Marathon.

Training for this running event has been pure joy. I have been using our Pain-Free 1/2 Marathon Training Program (Beginner) and it has stood me well. The running form focuses, specific workout types and the reminders about weekly lessons have proved very valuable.

My mileage is up: last weekend was my 12 miler LSD, the weekend before was 11 miles. For that, I practiced my running technique on a great path near Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa where I was visiting family. When I returned from my run 1 hr and 47 minutes later, my family was rather shocked that I was upright, unhurt, not sore and ready to enjoy the day with little recovery… Leg Drains have become my best friend.

This weekend I am running the last portion of the Lake Lure Triathlon with friends as a relay … really looking forward to that, as well as my big 13 miler training run LSD. I plan on running the Asheville Half course, to prepare myself, both physically and mentally for race day.

I’ll keep you posted…



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