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Running: A Gradual Process

Posted by Michelle Muldoon on Mon Feb 14th, 2011, No comments (be the first!)

It’s already week 12 of Half Marathon Running Training and Sunday is race day! This week will be less about running and more about tapering down, resting and relaxing as much as possible. Training for running the half has gone extremely well. Apart from illness in the early weeks and some drama over Christmas, my running training has been consistent since then.

When I look back, I am very happy about the progress I have made.  In January, I recorded my highest running mileage ever.  Last week I ran a 5k and took almost 2 minutes off the 5k I ran 3 weeks earlier.  Each week I feel stronger than the week before.  Running feels better every day.  Training for the half marathon has meant even more hours practicing something that I love and getting better at it and I remain injury free.

I am in my fifth year as a student of the pain-free Chi Running technique. I never stop learning.  Each day I discover something new about my body.  By listening to my body, I am continually working to improve my alignment and how I move.  This has allowed me to feel able to take part in races this year and I look forward to seeing what I am capable of.

On Sunday, as I stand at the start, I will have the confidence that I have put the training in.  I have done the long runs, speed workouts and practiced the form focuses.   Whatever happens on the day, I know that Chi Running has given me the tools to deal with it.   Most of all I will be doing everything in my power to try to stay relaxed!

Happy running.




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