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Run Longer, Easier and Injury-Free with the ChiRunning App

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Thu May 2nd, 2013, 14 comments

The ChiRunning app is now available! Whether you’re a beginning runner or an old hand at this, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you.

I’d venture to guess that if you’re like many regular runners, you have some semblance of a running program. You might have certain days you like to run or favorite running routes. Or, you go about your weekly training schedule getting in your weekly mileage and doing your best to stay healthy. But, how often do you actually work at getting better at your running? I’m not talking about getting in better shape; I’m talking about working to become a better runner…in whatever way that means for you: more relaxed, more efficient, being able to go farther or faster without increasing your effort level, maybe not having any injuries? For those of us who love to run, there’s a part of us that wishes we could keep running with no problems well into our later years. That’s why we made this app. If you’ve wanted to find a quicker and easier way to improve your running form, this is for you. 

The advantage to working with the ChiRunning App is that you have all of the ChiRunning lessons at your fingertips. You can instantly watch audio and video reminders of each of the ChiRunning focuses before heading out on your run.

Get the App >

Get the App >

You’ll be able to design four basic workouts – Intervals, Tempo Run, Long Slow Distance Run and Custom Run – by preselecting which ChiRunning focuses you’d like to be reminded of during each workout. Then, the app will save your choices for next time, or until you update them.

Keeping tabs on your training progress will be easy with the tracking feature. At the end of your run it will give you all the stats you need to know: mileage, pace, elevation gain, calories burned, and give you a map of the course you run, complete with mile (kilometer) markers.

One of the best features of the app is having my voice guiding you through every run, telling you which focuses to practice and when. It’ll be hard to go wrong, and your learning curve will be drastically shortened.

This app is like having your own personal ChiRunning coach, showing you what to do, how it’s done, and why it’s important. 

Watch the ChiRunning App Trailer


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Jonathan Levin May 3rd, 2013 12:45am

Sounds great, can’t wait to use it.  I always try and practice my form foci on my runs, but it is easy to get stuck on a few and (unkowingly) forget about some others.  Are there ‘loosening up’ stretches as well?

Sounds great! I’m just hoping that it will be priced where I can afford it! smile

Cheryle Camarlinghi May 7th, 2013 08:00pm

I tried to download the mobile app today but it said it was not available in the US :(

Casey Colahan May 8th, 2013 10:34am

Hi Jonathan,
Yes, the Body Looseners are our version of warm up “stretches.” They are actually much gentler than stretches, and are great for getting your muscles and joints loose, soft, and relaxed. Traditional stretches can strain cold muscles, so Body Looseners are a great alternative. They are also included in the ChiRunning book and DVD.

Hi Cheryle,

Were you trying to purchase it from an iPad? Apps that have GPS in them can’t be downloaded on iPads or the iTouch (which we’ve just learned). You should be able to purchase it in iTunes from your iPhone or computer. Thanks!

Richard Marin May 14th, 2013 04:01am

Hi guys
I love the new app.
Having the looseners and stretches on the app is so much easier then trying to remember them or opening the book to do them.
Having the choice of different focuses available during the run is another great idea, very helpful.
Would love to be able to use my heart rate monitor with the app, if that’s possible in later updates.
Danny, thank you so much for the book, DVD and now the App.
All the way from Australia.

I tried to download the app for Chi Running via I Tunes. It was $9.95. I paid for it but it won’t download to my I POD. I don’t want to run with my I PHONE, I have too many important things on there. That’s why I have an I POD. Can your company get it programmed to be “apped” on I POD’S?

Hi Mary Jane,

Please see the response to Cheryle above. The app only works on the iPhone because it requires active GPS (which iPads and iPod Touches don’t have). We may be able to do an upgrade in the future that will give users the option to turn the GPS on or off, but currently, it is always set to be on. I’m sorry that it won’t work on your device. If you’d like a refund, you can contact iTunes about that through a link they provide you your purchase receipt. Thanks!

Thanks, Richard. So glad the app is enhancing your runs!

Vic Errington Jun 2nd, 2013 01:56pm

I am using the App in conjunction with my e-chi running course. Brilliant! Loving them both.

Maggie Billingslea Jun 18th, 2013 08:37am

Is this app going to be available some day for those of us who have Android phones?  (Please?)

Hi Maggie,

We are working on creating the Android version and hope to have it available by Fall 2013. We’ll be sure to announce it when it’s available.

James Cramton Jul 2nd, 2013 09:22am

I was wondering if this app has all the necessary tools for a complete chi running beginner ? Or is it something that is meant to aid in the learning associated with the book/dvd or e-training courses ?


Hi James,
We believe the app is a great tool, but not enough to start as a true ChiRunning beginner. It makes a great accompaniment to either of your ideas.

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