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Pennsylvania wasn’t that cold…

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Mon Feb 9th, 2009, 2 comments

So I ran! After traveling most of the day on Friday, we got to the B&B and I decided I had to get out and jog or I would go crazy.

Besides, how could I go assist at a workshop the next day in good faith without having run in awhile? ;)

I ran this route in about 35 minutes. No surprise there, classic 10 min/mile pace as always. I have to break that somewhere, don’t you think?

I was feeling pretty good, but sitting on planes is the end of my flexibility. I get off the plane and my right piriformis is painfully sore and tight. I fell on it 6 months ago and it still bothers me. Between The Stick and my acupuncture clinic, I have got to get it to go away.

I felt good on the run. Wasn’t too cold and I was just trying to keep things centered, keep my energy centered and collected. Since it was getting to be sundown, I figured the ice would be a little slippery and I might end up on the ground so I just took it easy. I wanted to feel good later in the evening and of course the next day.

After the run I felt great, refreshed, energized, and very wet around the nose. Fun! My focuses were pretty simple: core engaged, high heels.



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Christian Lee Apr 30th, 2010 06:41pm

Acupuncture helps me in my allergies. I have hay fever ever since i was a kid.;..

Have heard it works… Sent Ivan to get acupuncture to deal with his allergies… have yet to try it myself!

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