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New schedule

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Wed Oct 29th, 2008, No comments (be the first!)

Back in the saddle:

Since my long run on Sunday was technically the last day of the 10 week training, I wasn’t sure what the next steps were.

Danny and I spoke this morning, and here is the verdict for the next set of training (# of weeks TBD): Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday runs like before, but with an optional Fun Run on Fridays. The Friday Run can be a hike or a bike or a swim, something sort of like cross training.

The workouts look like this:

Tuesday: 15 minutes of warm up in gear 1/to gear 2. Then 4 x 3 min accelerations with 1 minute jog breaks. Then settle in for ~ 10 min/1 mile in gear 3. (I’ll detail in the next post what I actually did run.) The focus is on smoothness and opening. I need to work on leaning and keeping my hip swing open. The idea during the next round of training is Speed Without Effort. Note: These runs are best done on the flats.

Thursday: Hilly run. 45 min – 1 hr. Try to work on my hills technique. The hills can be all up and then all down or undulating, though lots of up and downs will help me practice more. Because Houston isn’t hilly, this run is designed to work my cardio capability. On the downhills, my goal is to try to get up to gear 3 and then keep gear 3 momentum up the first part of the hill as long as I can go without over-doing it. Once the momentum is over, drop to gear 2 until the end of that uphill. Need to try to keep a good pace up the hills to work my precious heart.

Sunday: LSD, start with 1 hr 30 mins for the next week or two, and the up it about 10-15 minutes. Danny suggested I do this really gentle check-in with my body to see what I think I can do. So next week, run 1.30 and stop. Then the next week, run 1.30 and ask my body if I think I could do another 5-10 minutes and then go ahead and do it. The best thing he said about it is, “Sometimes your mind tells your body you’re done, but your body could keep going.”



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