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Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Mar 12th, 2009, 2 comments

I have been neglecting this blog and I have been neglecting running.

Tsk, tsk.

I won’t even try to come up with excuses, though I want desperately to describe for you everything else that has been occupying my time… I think that those of you hard core runners will have no sympathy.

Also, I won’t have any sympathy for myself either, when I get to race day on June 27th and have the jitterbugs in my belly.

I actually caught myself saying this morning, “Oh, I’ll be okay. It’s only 13 miles. I can just run one long run a week and a few others and I’ll be fine.”

Yep, I actually said that. It’s incredible! And totally unreasonable!

I’ll get out there. Hopefully this weekend, in the rain. It was 65 here yesterday, 70 the day before that, and today, it’s COLD and overcast. Bummer.

But how lovely is it that I can go out and run in the Blue Ridge Mountains any time I like?? That’s pretty awesome.

Over ‘n out.



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I run both 10 milers and halfs.  That extra 3.1M is a big deal.  You probable can get away from any “special” training programs for doing a 10M race.  But for doing a half that would be a mistake.  A very carefully laid out plan is imperative; with, of course, you must follow it.

You’re very right, Eric. Thanks for your feedback; it does make quite a difference, and I felt it today on my run… WHEW.

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