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My goals for the Asheville Half Marathon

Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Mon Sep 13th, 2010, 10 comments

One of my blog readers recently wrote and asked what my goals are for running the upcoming race … I have been going over them in my own head, but I thought the act of sharing them with my running blog readers would be an excellent idea, to help make the goals more “real.” (Check out this article written by Katherine: Keep a Journal, Reach your Goals.)

To answer such a simple question takes a few moments of thought.

My goals for running the Asheville Half Marathon are:

  • To finish running the race
  • To feel not-exhausted 10 minutes after running the race, rather invigorated
  • To keep my knee and hip loose, without tension or pain
  • To stay positive and not bad-talk myself ever
  • To feel like I still have energy in my tank when I turn south on Broadway

What are your goals? Would anyone like to share these goals with me? I can’t wait to write about my race experience this weekend. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and positive.



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Nicely said. I am so glad you that ‘time to finish’ is not in your first 5 goals!  You have trained very well. I am very impressed.


Like your goals a lot. Especially the one about not bad-talking yourself.  I need to work on that because I am training for my second half marathon on October 3, 2010 using the ChiRunning technique.  I’ve worked my way up to 10 miles in Vibram FiveFinger shoes and will do 11 miles for the next two weeks before tapering off to the race.  My goals are:
1. To run the whole race
2. To maintain my form focuses faithfully throughout in order to minimize fatigue
3. To have lots of fun
4. To promote my blog, with a custom running shirt I’ve made for the race with my logo on it.  I hope people see my shirt and my “shoes” and are curious to try the ChiRunning or minimalist form or both.

19 days! Can’t wait. Good luck on your race.

Kimberly Dredger Sep 14th, 2010 03:54am

HI, Liz! I JUST got my boot off last week… stress fractures from the Missoula Marathon.  But training has to get back on track for New York, only a few weeks away.  So, my training goals are to get myself ready, following the Chi Walking and Chi Running techniques.  My race day goals, in the biggest marathon in the country, are to 1.FINISH the darn thing with an official time; 2. Enjoy each step by soaking in the scenery 3. Have enough energy to then walk to the hotel and get into a cold bath.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I’ll send you strong thoughts this weekend.

I’m training for a half (October) and a full (January). I’ve run one half in Vibrams already.

My goals are:
1. To feel light. I want to run like I’m floating.
2. To walk at water stations, and no other time.
3. To look around everyone once in a while, instead of 10 feet in front of me.
4. To not pass out.
5. To finish the race.

I suppose 5 could be 1, but they’re all equally important.

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Now THOSE are some WONDERFUL goals!!! It’s all about enjoying the run… have fun on Saturday!!! Ride the ‘Happy Bus’ from start to finish smile

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Well, Taylor, I think you’re going to do GREAT! I don’t think you need to worry about #4 do you?! That made me smile. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Eek, stress fractures are no fun… I have avoided them thus far, however. Thanks for sending me strong thoughts. I felt them, for sure.

Keep me posted on your success and healing. Take it easy, too, okay?

Allison, thanks for your note. I love your blog—thanks for writing on mine!

How did your 11 miler go? It sounds like we had very similar goals. I am sure you’ll success. Keep me posted! I’ll try to remember to read your race report!

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