Letter from Danny: Chi's Future - Chi Running

Letter from Danny: Chi’s Future

Posted by Gary S. Reckard on Tue Feb 18th, 2014, 3 comments

Letter from Danny: Chi’s Future

Dear Friends,

I'd like to share some news...

Chi Running and Chi Walking have created quite a stir since they were first introduced back in 2000 and 2006. When Katherine and I decided to “go for it” and create a business around ChiRunning and ChiWalking, we envisioned someday having a bevy of instructors world-wide teaching classes “on-the-ground.” Some people learn better from books, some from videos and most also need the hands-on approach that Certified Instructors provide.

We can now proudly say that we have a wonderful family of over 200 highly-skilled certified Chi Running and Chi Walking instructors teaching the Chi techniques in 34 countries, and in hundreds of cities from Gillette, Wyoming to Perth, Australia.      


Danny & Katherine with some of the ChiTeam at the 2013 Instructor Weekend in Asheville, NC

Katherine and I have been teaching “Chi” going on fifteen years now and we’re both feeling the urge to move into new territory and let Chi Running and Chi Walking follow the path of any growing “teenager”…allowing her to feel the strength of her own “legs”.

The new territory for Katherine and me to explore, and teach, is the body of knowledge which is ChiLiving; living a lifestyle based in mindfulness. It’s a field rich with possibilities and we’re eager to dive in. So beginning in 2015, I will not be traveling and teaching one-day Chi Running courses as I have been. Katherine and I will be expanding our joint-teaching offerings to multi-day, residence courses in which Chi Running and Chi Walking will be some of the components of living a healthy, mindful lifestyle. Additional topics will include (but are not limited to) breathing, focusing, meditation, nutrition, relationship and communication.

Since this will be my last big travel year, I heartily encourage you to attend one of my Chi Running workshops this year. If you go to our website you’ll find my spring schedule including including Orlando, Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, NYC, Washington D.C., Kripalu, Portland, London and Amsterdam. (Fall schedule to come.) We’ll have lots of talented Certified Instructors assisting you, and we’ll do everything we can to show you how to move more CHI through your body.

Hope to see you this year,

Danny & Katherine Dreyer, Founders

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Judy Zuckerman Feb 19th, 2014 11:10am

I wish I could go to your Kripalu workshop.  I am a school teacher living near Boston.  My teaching schedule doesn’t allow for a week off in May.  I would love to attend one of your workshops if you come back to NE.

I am interested in learning more about your new ventures too.

Guylaine Marois Feb 19th, 2014 12:04pm

Hope to see you in Atlantic Canada before 2015!

Danny and Katherine, I have always said “life is change, and change is life”- go for it - greatness follows!

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