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Learn to Love Running Slower

Posted by Michelle Muldoon on Mon Jun 28th, 2010, 2 comments

As a distance runner and student of running technique, I have had to learn to love running slower.  Last year, when I first started to experiment with running to heart rate, I found that I had to run a lot slower than I was used to in order to keep my heart rate down.  I didn’t enjoy it for a while but the truth is it was a golden opportunity to work on my Chi Running technique.  If I was going to stick with it and enjoy it, I simply had to do more work on my form.  I cannot pretend I found it easy and it took me a few months to start to enjoy it.

When I see a student struggling with their running technique and still getting niggles, I often suggest they do some slower running.  Invariably, I will be told that they don’t enjoy it and that it feels awkward and uncomfortable.  That is music to my ears!

This is a sure sign that they have more work to do on their running technique.  When we learn to run slower, we are better able to listen to our bodies, look for any flaws in our running technique and any tension that may be there.  We can more clearly body sense how we are moving and begin to make the necessary corrections.  If we can master our running technique at slower paces, we are laying solid foundations for the future.

Put aside any race goals and invest the time, look at the bigger picture and take as long as you need to feel fluid and relaxed at slower paces.

Happy running.




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well said, michelle, well said! slow may not get you there quickly but slow has so many gifts to offer!

This came at just the perfect time for me grin  I am new to running but have always had dreams of running a marathon so this year I decided to make that dream come true. Part of my bucket list I guess you could say wink I have been walking for years and enjoy it alot so I figured that running could not be that much harder LOL WAS I WRONG!  I did go out and buy CHI RUNNING and have been reading it while trying to run. I had been going full force for the past 25 days and then i started having knee pain. I tried to push past the pain as I was trying to think of how to do things differently to stop the pain, bad idea .  So I took the weekend off from running or walking at all to rest and recover and reread the chapters on injuries and form and to consult with some other runners on their thoughts on what I could be doing wrong. Your post was spot on for me!  I need to slow down and get back to the basics that I blew past!  It is so hard for me to go slow at anything in life and this is going to be hard so to see that you had the same feelings   was what I needed to hear today. THANK YOU!

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